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Dine for Two at Vagabondo Italian Ristorante + Lounge, Toronto, ON

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Online Price $84.99
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Vagabondo Italian Ristorante + Lounge - 32 Wellington Street East, Toronto, ON  M5E 1C6

When you purchase your Sambadays Dine for Two, an electronic voucher will be e-mailed to you normally within the hour. Please make sure that you double-check your e-mail address when you place your order. You must keep your printed voucher and your receipt as your proofs of purchase until you exchange them.

Vagabondo Italian Ristorante + Lounge is stirring up excitement in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood in downtown Toronto. As a hot spot for theatre goers or a place to meet friends for dinner and drinks after work or to celebrate a special occasion, Vagabondo is living up to its hype. Come see how it is done! Vagabondo is a unique spot where you can celebrate or relax and retreat. Down-tempo beats and chilled jazzy sounds playing in the background create a relaxed ambiance. The various seating areas fit different dining moods. Feel like being in a social setting but not in the mood for a pub or after work watering hole? Come and check out the intimate 30-seat dining lounge. What a great spot for catching up with friends or socializing with co-workers over dinner. With the bar on one side of the lounge, cozy tables set for twos and fours on the other, and a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows, the dining lounge is a ‘must grab seating area’ for most of our diners.


  • Approximate value of $99
  • Menu options for 2 people are as follows:
  • Choice of appetizer, glass of wine, or cocktail
  • Choice of salad: insalata verde or insalata cesare
  • Choice of entree: meat, veal, chicken, or fish


Please no walk-ins and your Samba Days card must be activated online before booking your experience.
Guests must be 19 years of age or older. Please call and book your dining experience with the restaurant 48 hours in advance. The same applies for cancellations. Gratuities are extra.

Recipient’s e-mail address MUST be supplied in e-mail field on Shipping Address page.

For this item, the shipping address at checkout must be located in the same province as the restaurant. If you or the recipient is located in another province, please use the restaurant’s address located at the top of the page as the shipping address. This will not impact the fulfillment of the order as the e-voucher will be sent to the e-mail provided with the shipping address.

This e-voucher expires one year from date of purchase. Due to the seasonality of menus, it is possible that some items in the offer may be different. In such an event, the restaurant can substitute the items for other dishes of the equal quality and value but still guarantee a menu for two worth of a minimum value of $99.  

  • Brand: Vagabondo Italian Ristorante + Lounge
  • Emailable/Print at home: Yes
  • Region: Toronto, ON

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