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Premier 40,000-grain High Capacity Water Softening System


40,000-grain, Metered electronic valve, Easy installation

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Premier has the solution for treating your house water supply. By adding Pro-40AF water softener to your home you can improve your water quality. This high capacity water softener will cut down your spending on detergent and other cleaning products by 50%, by reducing the hardness, iron and scale from your water. Removing this from your water will make showering a joy, leaving you clean and feeling fresh. Ideal for average (1-4 people) families on city or well water sources.


  • Softens water, reducing hardness, iron and scale  
  • Cut spending on detergents and other cleaning supplies by up to 50%  
  • Machine washables will rinse cleaner, feel softer and retain color longer  
  • No more soap film or hardness residue  
  • Reduce energy costs and extend the life of the water heater and other appliances using water  
  • High flow valve and tank ensures continuous water pressure and flow  
  • Adapts to the daily water usage and ensures optimum efficiency and dependability  
  • Digital demand regeneration valve with bypass valve preinstalled  
  • Simple 3 step programming: Time, hardness and salt settings  
  • Simple push-button feature initiates regeneration cycle on demand  
  • Easy installation

  • Maximum capacity 684,000 ppm @ 7.25 kg/0.085 cu. m (40,000 grains @ 16 lbs/3 cu ft.)  
  • Minimum capacity 273,600 ppm @ 1,49 kg/0.085 cu. m (16,000 grains @ 3.3lbs/3 cu ft.)  
  • Peak flow @ 15 psi 11 gpm (41 Lpm)  
  • Service flow rate 8 gpm (30.3 Lpm)  
  • Backwash flow rate 2.7 gpm (10.2 Lpm)  
  • Inlet/outlet connection 2.5 cm (1 in.)  
  • Drain line connection NPTF 1.3 cm (1/2 in.)  
  • Control power requirements 110VAC/60Hz  
  • Salt storage 72.6 kg (160 lb.)  
  • Water pressure range 20-125 psi (1.4 - 8.3 bar)  
  • Water temp range 1.7 - 37.8°C (35° - 100°F)  
  • Shipping dimensions (L x W x H): 59.7 cm x 36.8 cm x 119.4 cm (23.5 in. x 14.5 in. x 47 in.)  
  • Weight: 49.9 kg (110 lb.)

  • 1 year  

Model: PRO-10AF 167041

  • Brand: Premier
  • Model: PRO-40AF 167041
  • Programmable: Yes
  • Tank Size: 84.95 L (3 cu. ft.)
  • Weight: 49.9 kg (110 lb.)

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