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Sanyo Eneloop 1500 Battery Pack 16 x AA Batteries

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Batteries Pre-charged, Keep 85% Charge Over 1 year, Can be Charged up to 1,500 Times

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The newest battery technology offering convenience, speed, stamina and is environmentally friendly, is the Eneloop 1500 from Sanyo. Because the Eneloop has a very low self-discharge, the batteries come solar charged right out of the pack. Eneloop batteries retain power longer than regular rechargeable batteries and keep 75% of their charge over three years.


  • Come pre-charged by solar energy and ready to use
  • Higher voltage: Eneloop 2000 mAh will have similar performance to 2500 mAh conventional rechargeables
  • Retains power longer than regular rechargeable batteries
  • Keep 85% of their charge over a year and 75% over three years where regular rechargeable batteries lose 1% of their energy per day when left unused
  • Can be charged up to 1500 times
  • Take 4x more photos than alkaline batteries
  • Can be charged using other quality non Eneloop NiMH battery chargers
  • No memory effect: Do not need to be fully discharged before recharging
  • Eco friendly: Reduce the disposal of thousands of alkaline batteries in landfills
  • Batteries can operate in temperatures up to -20°C
  • Recyclable

  • Battery Type: AA Cell
  • Brand: Sanyo
  • Capacity: 2,000 Milliampere Hour
  • Number of Batteries: 1,600

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