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    Welcome to Customer Service. How can we help you?

    General Information

    Whether you're looking for an item or information about Costco, you can search our website quickly and easily by following the tips below:

    Search Tips:

    • Try using a more general search term. Entering fewer words in the search field will typically improve your results.
    • Try using different words to describe what you're looking for. Example: If you entered the search word "hot tub" with no results, try the word "spa".
    • Join words or split the words. Example: antivirus vs. anti virus or Blu Ray vs. BluRay.
    • Check for spelling errors.
    • Verify the category you're searching in. Expand the search to "All" categories for better results.
    • The item you are looking for may be temporarily out of stock. focuses on providing a unique selection to complement items offered in our warehouses. The item you're searching for may be exclusively offered in our buildings. Use our warehouse locator to find your local Costco.

    Can I receive Product information?

    If you are inquiring about product availability at a Costco warehouse location, we ask that you contact the Costco nearest you. To find a Costco location nearest you click here.

    If an item is visible on our website, the product is available for purchase online. offers merchandise which complements our warehouse locations.

    For further information, please to review our Terms and Conditions.

    What is the Costco Concierge Service?

    Call Costco Concierge Services toll-free at 1-866-231-9731 for FREE technical support and set-up help.

    • Receive free technical support for any television, projector, camera, camcorder, computer, iPod or MP3 player you purchase at Costco Canada or
    • Speak with expert level technicians.
    • Enjoy easy-to-understand answers to your set-up and product use questions.
    • Get troubleshooting assistance.
    • Obtain warranty information and assistance.
    • Receive in-home service when in-home service is covered under manufacturers warranty.
    • Order accessory replacements.
    • English and French speaking agents.
    • All calls are handled in Canada.
    • This service is available exclusively for Costco Canada members.

    What is the "Eco Fee" or "Tire Levy" found on my receipt?

    Certain Canadian provinces have passed laws dealing with the recycling of various products when they can no longer be used. In order to fund the recycling programs, an Eco Fee or Tire Levy may be added when you purchase the product. Eco Fees and Tire Levies are displayed as a means of raising consumer awareness of the programs and the recycling costs associated with the products purchased. Eco Fees and Tire Levies are not government taxes so sales tax is payable on the Fee or Levy.

    For more information on recycling programs or to find a drop off locations in your area, please click here.

    Why am I charged tax on my order?

    In accordance with applicable provincial and federal laws, we are required to charge GST/HST and provincial sales tax. Costco does not benefit from the collection of sales tax and we remit all taxes collected directly to the appropriate taxing jurisdiction. As a general rule, the applicable sales tax is determined by the province of delivery. Provincial sales tax will be calculated on taxable merchandise and services. The taxes are applicable to taxable merchandise and services delivered in Canada. The appropriate sales tax amount will be displayed at the checkout section of the site.

    Please note that other charges, such as environmental levies, may apply on certain types of merchandise and services.

    Be advised that, because Costco's shipping and handling charge is a combined charge, this charge is subject to sales tax in many of the provinces where a separately stated shipping charge might normally be nontaxable.

    Can I receive sales tax exemption for an online order?

    Currently, does not offer sales tax exemption at the point of sale.

    Our Tax Department will consider your exemption after you have placed your order. Please specify which tax you are seeking an exemption from, and send the required documentary evidence to justify your sales tax exemption.

    The evidence required is detailed in the form below for the majority of exemption categories. If you are claiming an exemption for reasons not included below, please provide the reasons for exemption in the OTHER EXEMPTION category. You may be contacted by a Costco representative for further information.

    Please also include a copy of the online e-mail confirmation receipt from your purchase, along with the attached Sales Tax Exemption Claim form. The completed and signed Sales Tax Exemption Claim Form MUST be included with your request. Mail or fax this information to:

    Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd.
    Commodity Tax Group
    415 West Hunt Club
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K2E 1C5
    Fax: 425-427-3013

    Only claims meeting applicable Federal or Provincial exemption requirements will be considered. Receipt of your claim is not an agreement that tax will be refunded.

    If you are seeking a Provincial Sales Tax exemption, as you are reselling the merchandise that you have purchased through, please complete a Purchase Exemption Certificate applicable in the ship-to province. If you are seeking a sales tax exemption because you are purchasing goods on behalf of a government entity, please ensure that the purchases are made with a membership card and a credit card issued in the name of the government entity. For any other sales tax exemption, please forward any relevant documentation that justifies the sales tax exemption.

    Our ability to provide you with a refund of the sales tax that you have paid will be based on applicable GST/HST rules as well as provincial laws applicable in the "ship-to" province. If your purchase does not meet the requirements set out by these laws, Costco will not be able to refund any sales tax.

    Click here for the: Sales Tax Exemption Claim Form.

    How do I order a Costco Cash Card?

    Versatile and convenient, Costco Cash Cards can be used in our warehouses, gas stations and on They are issued in increments ranging from CAN $25 to CAN $1,000. With thousands of items to choose from, Costco Cash Cards make great gifts for clients, friends and family.

    Click here to order a Costco Cash Card.

    How do I use a Costco Cash Card?

    Using a Costco Cash Card online is easy. Simply follow these steps:

    1. Select an item you would like to purchase and click on "Add to Cart."
    2. When you are satisfied with your order, click "Check Out."
    3. Enter the Costco Cash Card number on the "Pay" page in the Costco Cash Card entry field, along with the card PIN.
    4. Complete the checkout process. The full amount of your order will be deducted from your cash card balance, and any remaining balance will be available for future purchases.

    How do I check the available balance on my Costco Cash Card?

    1. Click on "Costco Cash Card Balance" located at the top of the Home page.
    2. Enter your Cash Card Number and PIN in the fields provided.
    3. Both fields are required.
    4. Click on "Check balance."

    Product Notices (Recalls)

    At Costco, our members safety is our number one priority. We have a committed team that works in conjunction with the appropriate government agencies and a section on our website dedicated to keeping our members informed on products we sell that are subject to recalls or safety advisories. As soon as Costco is aware of any recalls or safety advisories, we contact our members, provided our members keep us up to date on their contact information, notifying each member who purchased the affected item by email, phone call and/or letter to advise them of the safety risks and steps to be taken to return the item or obtain replacement parts.

    Click here to learn more about safety, recall, and product information.

    How do I apply for employment with Costco?

    Costco Wholesale is a multi-billion dollar global retailer with warehouse club operations in eight countries. We are the recognized leader in our field, dedicated to quality in every area of our business and respected for our outstanding business ethics. Despite our large size and explosive international expansion, we continue to provide a family atmosphere in which our employees thrive and succeed.

    Please click here for application and employment information.

    How does my group request a donation from

    Costco is committed to supporting charitable and community activities in the markets where we do business

    Please click here for our charitable giving guidelines.