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3D MAXpiderMat™ Custom-fit All-weather Car Mats - $179.99


Available for Many Models of Vehicles in Black or Grey

Item #10367254MPI

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    The 3D MAXpiderMat™ is light, fitted and elegant, better yet it is no longer just a piece of plastic.
    Protect your original carpet from salt stains, snow, rain and mud with MAXpiderMat™ custom fitted all-weather car mats. With its textured tray design and precise digital fitment, the MAXpiderMat™ is the industry’s new standard for best interior protection. These all-weather car mats are engineered with environmentally friendly materials that are nontoxic, odourless and sound isolating. The patented fibre material makes it the lightest mats on the market at 30% weight reduction from traditional plastic car mats.

    An award winning product designed and engineered in Taiwan. 3D MAXpiderMat™ offers ultimate enhancement to your interior style, carpet protection and driving experience. All 3D MAXpiderMat™ are thoroughly designed and engineered to perfection to deliver the best quality, fitment, durability and style.

    • Easy to clean with water hose  
    • Easy to install without damaging your original carpet  
    • Lightweight  
    • Durable heel pad under gas pedal avoids wear and tear  
    • Unique eyelet or hump is designed to fit original retentions or hooks

    Multi-layer combination:
    • Unique top layer: Sleek textured surface, strong, durable and wear resistant. Scrapes snow and mud off your shoes instantly. Rigid and will not deform over time.
    • Innovative second layer: XPE Foam padding enhances you driving experience by sound insulation while providing a comfortable cushion for your foot.
    • Revolutionary bottom layer: MAXpiderMat™ carpet grip - patented anti-skid bottom layer provides the ultimate safety by preventing the mat from sliding.
    • The estimated delivery time will be approximately 7 - 10 business days from the time of order  

    • 3 years